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15th January 2007
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The Acid Test

In my last post I promised some example client profiles to give you an idea of the kind of details that are needed.

When I sit down to put together a personal branding programme or coaching product, I’ll plan it out on paper then ask myself "would Alison, Peter or Michael be interested in this? Would they buy it? Would they get value from it?"

1) Alison

Alison is a 28 year old MBA. She wants to make the kmost of her MBA, but she’s unsure that her pre-MBA experience will catch recruiters’ attention.

She rents an appartment in a ‘young professional’ neighbourhood outside the city centre, and wants to save for her own place. She drinks Mojitos and Starbucks.

2) Peter

At 35, Peter is a senior manager in industry. He lives in the suburbs with his young family.

Peter trained as an engineer, which has stood him in good stead getting him to where he is, but now he has reached a career plateau: he is looking to move up to a board position, but he is perceived as an operational expert, not a leader. He wants to stay with his current employer, but unless he can find a way to break through the barriers holding him back then he may have to move on.

3) Michael

Michael, 43, is sick of the rat race. Having risen to the top of his career, he has all the trappings of his success – he lives in a large house in a leafy neghbourhood in one of the many small commuter towns, he drives a Mercedes. But his children are growing, and he wants to be able to spend more time at home, so he wants to cash in and set up in business on his own.

Unfortunately, over a long Tanqueray and Tonic in a city bar with a close friend, he realises that his business contacts only know him in one role, and he is not sure how to reposition himself credibly.

The acid test

These are the clients – composites of real people – at whom I target my personal branding services and products. If I can’t see that one or more of these three would be interested in something, and get real value from it, then I won’t offer it.

So now you have a model, think about your own business and marketing – do you know who would most benefit from your service or product? How well do you know them? How often do you test your services and products in terms of the appeal they have for them?

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